Root Canals



                         Root canal therapy is used to repair and save a tooth

that is badly decayed or infected. This procedure includes removal of

nerve and pulp which are infected or damaged. Once nerve and pulp

are removed, inside of teeth is cleansed and sealed.

Why Damaged Pulp Need to Be



                Damage in nerve tissue or pulp leads to its break down.

This causes multiplication of bacteria in pulp chamber. These

bacteria cause infection and pus in pockets at the end of tooth’s root.

This infection can lead to:  

  • Due to hole through the side of tooth, Drainage into gums or through the cheek into the skin

  • Swelling in areas like face, neck, or head


                Root canal is an effort to save the natural tooth but if it doesn’t seem to work then tooth extraction is way to go. Tooth is extracted and replaced with a bridge, implant, or removable partial denture. But these procedures are time consuming and more expensive than root canal treatment Sometimes infection might reoccur after root canal so in such case patient need to consult the dentist again.


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Care of Mouth After Root Canal Therapy 


                 During Root canal therapy your dentist will remove pulp from center of decayed tooth and fills the pulp cavity. Once anesthetic wears off you might feel throbbing pain. So, after care is important to reduce the pain and heal faster.


  • Do not eat anything for few hours post root canal therapy.

  • Medication is very critical hence take prescribed medicine by your dentist on time.

  • Give filling time to set and become hard, do not touch tooth with filling unnecessarily in the meantime.

  • Brush and floss gently.

  • Do not chew or eat hard or chewy food.

  • Soreness in mouth around treated area is expected.


                 If you are experiencing prolonged pain and soreness beyond a week, kindly us to schedule a follow up appointment.


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