At Haddon Heights Smiles, tooth extraction is a painless and

quick process. Since nobody wants to have tooth extracted, our dentists

based on patient condition try to avoid extraction as much as possible.

But certain conditions such as broken, extensively decayed tooth or

tooth associated with advanced stages of periodontal disease requires tooth



                Teeth extraction at Haddon Heights Smiles is done using local

anesthesia and patient doesn’t feel any pain. After extraction, our dentist 

prescribe medicines as needed which reduce healing time and allows

patient to have a pain free post extraction days.


Care of Mouth after an Extraction

                   Care of mouth after an extraction is extremely important for fast healing and reducing the pain which a person might experience post extraction.

                   Type of food to eat: After extraction avoid solid food and take only soft food for few days. Avoid drinking alcohol, hot drinks, drinking from straw, smoking, or flossing vigorously.

                  Bleeding and its care: little bleeding post extraction is normal so to control it you need to bite on gauze placed by your dentist. For too much bleeding bite on regular tea bag as tannic acid present in tea bag helps in controlling bleeding. Bite on gauze or tea bag till bleeding stops.

                  Swelling and its care: wrap ice in a towel and keep it on cheek near extraction site. Continue it periodically till swelling reduces.

                 Rest well: post extraction rest well and sleep with head in elevated position
Brush your teeth gently and keep extracted area clean. If you experience extreme bleeding, swell, fever or pain consult our office.


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